My Health Coach:

My Health Coach:

Manage your Weight

We all know we should eat better and be more active so why don't we?


We all know we should eat better and be more active so why don't we? Maybe because there are so many different approaches and they're so time consuming, overwhelming and boring. Luckily it's never too late and My Health Coach: Manage Your Weight will show you how to get into shape in only 10-15 minutes a day.

Games Features

1/ Personalise it
Create your personal profile and evaluate your improvement potential.
Then set up your objectives following the recommendations based on your profile.
For each profile, the BMI (Body Mass Index) is automatically calculated. The BMI measures your height/weight ratio. It is your weight in kilograms divided by the square of your height in meters (so, if you weigh 65 kilograms and are 1.73 metres tall, you would have a BMI of 65 / (1.73 x 1.73) = 21.7 ).
The program will then suggest personalized strategies in correlation with you BMI.

2/ Get your daily objectives
Lose weight? Eat better? Exercise more? Choose your way to get a healthier lifestyle depending on your own needs and objectives.
The game includes 10 coaching sessions to help you define your profile and set your new objectives.
10 to 15 minutes every day are sufficient to achieve your objectives.

3/ Challenge yourself

Between 300 and 500 fun Challenges depending on your profile and your needs: "Don't use any elevators or escalators for an entire day", "Sit in the lotus position for 15 minutes", "Have two bowls of vegetable soup"...
Accept daily challenges, play games, takes quizzes and track your daily activity with the pedometer.

4/ Track your progress
You can constantly measure your achievements (on a weekly basis or overall) through the progression tracking system.
- Pedometer = watch the steps you walked during the day, compare, and have a look at the number of steps you've walked since you have begun the training program.
- Balance = check the balance between your alimentation and physical activity. See at a glance if for each day of the week you had a well-balanced lifestyle.
- Graphs = watch your personal evolution in terms of weight, BMI, distance travelled during the last 7 days or during the last 6 months, and total progress.

A game developed with a professional nutritionist:
Marie Marquis, nutritionist who worked on the development of the game:
'My Health Coach: Manage your weight' is a game that will motivate you and not make you feel guilty at all because you will have a complete control of the game. You will be the one who decides which challenges you want to take up or not.
I've worked on the components of the game based on eating behaviours. Why, when, where and what people eat based on what seems to be important for them. The development team based the challenges and the tips proposed in the game on this knowledge.'

How to use the exclusive pedometer?
Wear it all day on your belt, or slip it into your pocket or bag.
At the end of day, plug it into your DS to report your daily activity and your progress!
The pedometer is a perfect way to track your daily steps and to get into habit of walking. There are little things you can start doing right away that will add to the amount of walking you do every day: take the stairs more often, park the car further from work, walk to the corner store by a slightly longer route... Over time, small steps make a huge difference.