My Word Coach DS

My Word Coach DS

Develop your vocabulary!


Do you ever feel at a ”loss for words?”

Would you like to express yourself more clearly and with confidence?

Want to improve your vocabulary in a straightforward and entertaining way?

Games Features

In your daily life, knowing the right word often makes all the difference!

My Word Coach offers a fun and challenging way to improve verbal skills through a series of engaging activities and exercises.

The game was inspired by ongoing vocabulary acquisition research by Thomas Cobb, Professor in Applied Linguistics at the University of Quebec. (

Enjoyable activities include word recognition, spelling challenges and vocabulary definition, including 16,800 words from the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary.

When you play, My Word Coach assesses, monitors and rewards your Expression Potential, a percentage score that represents your ability to command and use the English language. The higher the number (out of a possible 100), the better you are able to express yourself!

While the Nintendo Wii version takes advantage of the Nintendo Wii-mote’s possibilities through lively mini-games and easy-to-use controls, the Nintendo DS version makes full use of the system’s unique, dual touch screens.



Missing Letter: Fill in the missing letter in each word by writing it down. On the DS this is done with your Stylus, but on the Wii you can use either your Wii-mote or the DS touch screen.

Word Shuffle: Slide each word to its corresponding definition.

Split Decision: Match the word to the definition or the definition to the word. This exercise helps you learn new words by placing them in context.

Pasta Letters: A word is displayed quickly in the upper screen. Using your Stylus or Wii-mote, grab the correct letters from the bowl of soup to spell the word you just saw. But act fast because the letters are sinking!

Block Letters: Using your Stylus or Wii-mote, select the correct letters to form the words on the chalkboard. Use the eraser to correct mistakes and the hammer to remove unnecessary letters. All of the letters might not have appeared yet for some words, so choose your spelling order wisely.

Safecracker: You are given a word definition in the upper screen. Spell the matching word by rotating a dial with your Stylus or Wii-mote to select each letter in order. If the letter you choose is incorrect, it won’t be displayed.